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Hi gang,

I am a gun for hire, so to speak. My specialty is blogging. I can blog about any topic but I specialize in e-commerce, eBay, Amazon, business startups, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and movies.

My goal in writing is both to inform the reader and to entertain the reader. I’ve been told that my writing is very conversational and humorous.

Here are a few examples of my work.  The first one is my most engaged blog ever – over 400 site comments, over 400 social shares, and hundreds of thousands of page views:

Amazon FBA on Startupnation.com

Starting an eBay business on Outright.com

Yes, I’ve been on national TV (Fox Business Channel) and have done webcasts.  Stripping to E-Commerce on ColderIce.com

Want to hire me?  Here’s the basics

1.  I don’t write for free.  Do you do your job for free? There are things I do for free every day – kiss the kids, go potty (can you tell I have kids?), wave to my neighbor. I don’t write for free. Every time I hear “we’d like you to contribute to a major website – the exposure will be huge!” somewhere a puppy dies.

2.  For blogging, I can be paid for a single article, for a series of articles, or by an ongoing contract.  Obviously, my fees lower the more work I do for you. The process is pretty simple – we agree on what I’m going to write and how often, you accept my fee, and aWWAAyyyy we go!

3. Speaking of fees, I am a professional expert. When I consult, I am paid hundreds of dollars an hour. I don’t make that much writing, but if there’s any thought in your head that I’m going to work for the same fees that some writing factory in India is going to charge, please hire the writing factory in India and then slam your tongue in a door as punishment for contributing to the loss of US jobs.

4.  Do I do social media?  Heck yes! I love Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  I would be happy as a clam to handle ALL of your social media efforts at a fraction of what a big agency would charge. I have handled Social for small mom-and-pop businesses and $60 million businesses, and I love every minute of it.

So let’s talk!  I’m at kevin@godimsexy.com







What Is This Place?



Who am I?  Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

Oh wait, I’m none of those things. Wrong guy, sorry.

This website is for your enjoyment and entertainment.  On the fun side, I’m going to post short stories that I write and talk about movies.  On the serious side, I’m going to be blogging about e-commerce – eBay, Amazon, Google, business startups, etc.  There will be lots of gold nuggets spilling out of my brain for your amusement and benefit. Use the navigation buttons on the right to find what you’re interested in.

You can also buy things here.  I’ve sold over 5 million items online in the past 10 years and I’m constantly finding cool things for you to buy.  Simply click on the Store tab at the top.

I do a lot of consulting and blogging – click the ‘Hire Me” tabs at the top of the homepage for more info on how I can work for you.

So sit back and enjoy the ride!

God I’m Sexy