What Is This Place?



Who am I?  Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

Oh wait, I’m none of those things. Wrong guy, sorry.

This website is for your enjoyment and entertainment.  On the fun side, I’m going to post short stories that I write and talk about movies.  On the serious side, I’m going to be blogging about e-commerce – eBay, Amazon, Google, business startups, etc.  There will be lots of gold nuggets spilling out of my brain for your amusement and benefit. Use the navigation buttons on the right to find what you’re interested in.

You can also buy things here.  I’ve sold over 5 million items online in the past 10 years and I’m constantly finding cool things for you to buy.  Simply click on the Store tab at the top.

I do a lot of consulting and blogging – click the ‘Hire Me” tabs at the top of the homepage for more info on how I can work for you.

So sit back and enjoy the ride!

God I’m Sexy




4 thoughts on “What Is This Place?”

  1. Hi, Kevin. I’m glad I found your site. You write beautifully & it’s an easy read (I read very slowly, but your stuff just flows.) Thanks for the info re ebay & amazon. I’m just starting to sell stuff and I NEED to make this a business, so any info is helpful. Your stories are great & make me smile. Thank you. “A grateful fan”

  2. Hey, how can I sign up to receive new posts? Not on Goggle+ and that is the only “follow” I found. You need a subscribe button/option!

  3. hi its matt here. I really enjoy your read. Im a college kid getting my feet wet in the business world. it can be a scary place. your guidance is huge to me thank you. im one of your fans.

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